3 Essential Oils for Getting the Most out of Your Getaway.

This time of year, many people use their available time to spend with family and friends, or even by themselves, to unwind and relax in the beautiful weather.

 Even if that’s something as small as a trip to the beach, or as grand as a resort reservation, the last thing you want to worry about when taking time away from your busy schedule are things like bug bites, soreness or getting sick. Here are a few essential oils to take with you on your journey to get the most out of your summer trips.


One amazing essential oil for traveling is Lavander Essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) This light floral top/middle note is known for its versatility and uses in both the mental and physical realm.

Lavender essential oil is excellent for soothing an anxious mind, and can aid in reducing feelings of anxiety during travel, making your trip more enjoyable as you move towards your destination.

 According to (Malcolm BJ, Tallian K. 2018), Lavandula angustifolia is known to decrease feelings of anxiety when inhaled, either by diffusing into the air or adding to a personal inhaler. This oil can also be diluted into body care such as lotions to both reap its calming benefits and enjoy the aroma.

Because of its ability to calm restless thoughts, many people experience better sleep when using lavender, which can play a crucial role in your comfort when sleeping in a new environment.


Lavender essential oil also works wonders when it comes to physical wellbeing. This oil has naturally analgesic effects and does a great job of minimizing the sting of cuts, scrapes, burns, and bug bites.



Tea Tree essential oil is great to travel with for many reasons, one being that it can keep you feeling healthy while traveling, as it possesses great microbe and fungus-fighting abilities. This makes it perfect for diffusing in new hotel rooms to improve air quality and inhaling personally if you begin to feel under the weather.

It also works as an effective bug repellent; added in a carrier to arms and legs is a great way to use this scent to keep bugs away while enjoying outdoor activities like hikes.


Peppermint essential oil’s Its cooling properties and invigorating aroma make it useful in a variety of situations.

Peppermint Essential oil is most commonly used in the area of respiratory support. Due to its high levels of menthol (Tisserand, 2011.), this oil is excellent at clearing nasal passages, something that can help you adjust to a new climate and the areas air, whether you are sleeping or exploring the terrain with family and friends, while allowing you to still get the most out of your vacation.

This oil possesses analgesic properties, which makes it ideal for incorporating into body care to soothe aching muscles after participating in vacation related sports, like swimming, biking, and rowing, that the body may not be used to, allowing you to continue enjoying your day with decreased recovery time.

This oil has you covered both during your trip, and before it begins; when inhaled, studies show that peppermint oil can decrease feelings of nausea, which can be a huge help in keeping motion sickness at bay (Mohr C, et al. 2021).


Essential oils are a great natural approach to ensuring peace of mind while away from home, and can allow you to enjoy your trip without the use of pharmaceutical products, while reaping the same benefits. When using these powerful and effective extracts, we merely ask that you dilute and diffuse mindfully for a pleasant aromatherapy experience without being overwhelmed. For information on what essential oil amount is right for you, consult the chart on our other blog “Dilutions for Success”





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