Essential Oil Roll-ons: What They Are, and How They Can Help.

Whether you are new to essential oils, or a seasoned professional, you have most likely heard of our top choice for ready-to-use intentional  relief; a roll on. 

No matter how many essentials oils you have, when pain or discomfort kicks in, diluting essential oils  for topical use may feel like one too many steps, or bottles to carry around. So, lets discuss what an essential oil roll on is, and why it’s our first choice for localized aromatherapy when discomfort comes our way. 


First, what is an essential oil roll on?


An essential oil roll on is a mixture of essential oils blended with a carrier oil, placed in a dark bottle with a stainless-steel roller. We recommend a carrier oil like jojoba or fractionated coconut oil for these recipes, as they have a light scent and long shelf life. Add a single essential oil, or mixture of your favorites at a proper dilution to the container to suit your intention. 


Now that I know, why use an essential oil roll on? 


Roll-ons create the opportunity for AROMATHERAPY anywhere, at any time. The purpose of an essential oil roll-on is to keep you armed with a premixed, easy-to-apply recipe that’s ready to use in times of need; another plus being that they are small enough to pass through TSA when traveling.


Roll-ons are versatile, and can be used…


When Anxiety, stress and low moods kick in, roll uplifting and energizing blends on along the back of the neck and pulse points where the aroma can instantly redirect negative energy. The Cooling and warming sensations of some essential oils can also calm and redirect the mind in times of stress.(Lau 1) 


They’re also great for Easing pain and discomfort:


Headaches and tension can be soothed by gliding the roll-on along the shoulders, up the neck and added to temples. (Göbel 2) 


Pinpoint tired and overworked muscles, pre and post workout by applying locally


For example, Repetitive motion pain such as typing and gardening can be soothed by rolling your blend along wrists and massaging the area.


Roll-ons are also a great way to nourish and protect the skin: 


Your cuticleselbows and knees will love the therapeutic skin benefits received from a hydrating roll-on blend; Massage after application nightly, and as needed throughout the day.

Bugs bitesstings and small scuffs can happen at any moment: dab some of the blend on affected areas as needed for to relieve any pain or discomfort. 


Theres also an obvious benefit to roll-ons: a natural perfume!


Essential oils smell beautiful, and roll – ons can be used throughout the day to add a customized aroma without having to use harmful chemicals. 


Now that I know more, how long is an essential oil roll on good for?

A good rule of thumb when determining the shelf life of a homemade roll on is to use the ingredient with the shortest shelf-life as an expiration date.

When storing a glass roll on, it’s important to:

1)Choose a dark colored, or frosted glass. 

2)Store in a cool, dry place.

3)Ensure cap is tightly closed after each use to avoid oxidation.


Now, some Safety and dilution tips: 


Essential oil roller dilution is between 1%-10%.

Refer to our roll-on dilution chart for a 10 ml roll-on, and each single essential oil safety page you plan to use when creating a roll -on yourself. It’s important to note that a store-bought, premade roll-on can be anywhere within the 1-10% dilution scale. 





 Now, you may be wondering, isn’t a 10% dilution a bit high? And you’d be correct; This is because a roll on is meant to be used in a localized area, and is is not meant for entire body, higher dilutions are more common.


Reuse and Recycle:

Roll on bottles can easily be washed by soaking them in soap and water, and then allowing them to air dry thoroughly. If sterilization is needed, boil your bottles after removing the roller ball and it’s plastic casing for 5-10 minutes and remove to cool completely. 




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