Our 5 favorite reasons to love Sweet Orange essential oil.



Anyone who has ever peeled an orange can attest to its bright, cheerful, and fresh aroma. Studies have shown that the emotional states of individuals utilizing orange essential oil saw an elevation in mood and decrease in feelings of anxiety compared to the control group (Lehrner J, Eckersberger C, Walla P, Pötsch G, Deecke L. 2000.) Sweet orange is also a very effective oil for relaxing and soothing the mind, serving as a much-needed pick me up during times of stress or sadness.

We recommend diffusing or adding to an inhaler to offset a negative mood and revitalize the atmosphere of a space. For a less obvious approach, adding a few drops to aromatherapy jewelry like wooden bead bracelets can be a subtle and personalized way to infuse your day with added sunshine, without exposing others.

Digestion boost+ tension reliever

This essential oil is also an excellent choice for those seeking support for soothing the digestive tract from constipation, abdominal pain, and other stomach issues, as the scent can stimulate gastric and salivary secretions, which can help with digestion. While we don’t recommend ingesting, adding this oil to a carrier or lotion and applying topically to the stomach and lower back area has shown to effectively reduce discomfort.  

Sun safe

Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) is NOT phototoxic, which means it is safe to use when exposed to sunlight.  This is an important distinction, as this fact isn’t shared among all types of orange essential oil.

An example this is: Bitter, expressed orange (or Citrus aurantium) essential oil.  Though the difference between Latin names seems insignificant, Bitter Orange is known for being phototoxic, and could mean the difference between a sun safe scent and a nasty sunburn.  Unlike Sweet Orange oil, the bitter, expressed orange oil should avoid UV light for 12-18 hours after skin application (Tisserand. Young. 2014) and should always be diluted in an oil or lotion, as well as followed by an SPF sunscreen.



As we take child safety very seriously, we advise you consult our blog “Children and Essential oils” for proper dilution instructions.

Sweet Orange is a popular scent both parents and kids can benefit from, and since sweet orange is a skin-safe essential oil, incorporating it into skin and body care recipes at a safe dilution is a great way to support the health of your child while removing the artificial fragrances that could overwhelm sensitive systems.

This uplifting oil also has great mental health benefits, and, when used in a personal inhaler, can let your kid take control of their atmosphere and bring happiness and comfort in moments they feel anxious or stressed out. This oil also gives your child a powerful tool to fight against nausea and other stomach discomfort.


 Effective Cleaner

Sweet Orange is our go-to for battling even the most stubborn adhesives- just add a few drops to the affected area and gently rub it away with a microfiber towel. Always spot check in an inconspicuous area first before using this method to keep surfaces safe! Due to the orange color of the essential oil, we don’t recommend using this technique on fabric.

For daily use of this oil’s degreasing powers, simply add 30 drops to dish soap, shake and use directly (or soak dishes) to get the gunk out of even the greasiest pots and pans. We always recommend choosing an unscented dish soap, such as castile soap, for mixing essential oils to keep the product as pure as possible, and stop scents from battling each other.


Sweet Orange smells great alone, or could be blended with many-This oil is a natural top note, adding a citrus burst to blends and will be the first scent you smell.

As discussed, this oil is popular, and can be found and purchased from many distributors. When selecting citrus oils like these however, its especially important to buy organic-since Sweet Orange is distilled from the peel, its easily exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals that the fruit itself has been sprayed with, causing these nasties to find their way into your oil, and eventually, onto your skin and surfaces.

USDA Organic growing methods don’t use chemical pesticides and sprays, which keeps adulterants from creeping in. Our Sweet Orange essential oil is also GCMS tested to ensure top therapeutic quality for you and your family.


Storage: store in a dark, airtight container in the refrigerator

Caution: Skin sensitization can occur if oxidized, or exposed to open air. Be sure to always securely fasten caps after use, and try to keep the bottle out of direct sunlight.

Use at a 1-2 % dilution when applying to the skin.  





(Lehrner J, Eckersberger C, Walla P, Pötsch G, Deecke L. Ambient odor of orange in a dental office reduces anxiety and improves mood in female patients. Physiol Behav. 2000 Oct 1-15;71(1-2):83-6. doi: 10.1016/s0031-9384(00)00308-5. PMID: 11134689.)

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