Three Grounding Oils for Staying Centered

In the midst of our busy surroundings, we can begin to feel “detached” from our lives- the hurry and worry we experience during such a busy time of year leaving our spirits to adopt an aura of stress and stagnation; something can prevent us from appreciating life’s joys to the fullest.

While this response is a normal part of life, aromatherapy is a great way to assist the mind in getting out of that funk. Here are three grounding and centering essential oils that can help.




Cedarwood essential oil is a rich, woodsy base note that is known for its calming properties and ability to assist the breathing. Even if something like illness isn’t keeping you from breathing as normal, remembering to take deep breaths can help clear fog from the mind, and is a helpful way to get oxygen to the brain, making you feel more energized and alert.


2. Scotch Pine

This mild, fresh-smelling oil is, by nature,also focused on stabilizing the body. Another “breathing” oil, Scotch pine not only works well for opening airways, but works hard to help combat the presence of germs in your space and body. This can help you alleviate not only the sluggishness of cold and allergy symptoms, but mitigate the source of your discomfort as well.



3. Frankincense

We absolutely love this oil for balance. Its deep, balsamic notes are perfect for bringing the mind and heart back to a spirit of strength and gratitude. As well as encouraging deep breathing, this oil is excellent for diffusing during meditation;using the time of stillness to assist the body in finding a sense of focus and peace.









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