Three Invigorating Oils for Slow Seasons.

As we walk through life, things like sluggishness, negative thoughts and mental fatigue are all things we encounter that can keep us from getting things done and behaving like our usual selves.

While these feelings are valid, aromatherapy can be a great tool for helping lift us out of these ruts. In this blog, we’ll be covering three invigorating oils for lifting us up during these difficult seasons, and some recipes for how to use them!



The energizing power of peppermint essential oil never ceases to amaze. This cooling menthol scent works wonders for balancing mood and supporting a posture of joy and positivity.

Peppermint also works well for assisting the physical body, its high menthol content making it a powerful ally in opening airways in time of sickness, as well as helping to soothe sore muscles when diluted into carrier oils.



Rosemary essential oil is amazing for waking up a sluggish mind. High in 1-8cineole, this incredible oil gives the mind the nudge it needs to help dispel brain fog, making times like studying and other high focus activities more productive.

Adding this oil to an inhaler is a great way to discreetly bring these benefits with you any time you need them.



Our third oil of the lineup is Lemon! This lovely citrus oil is packed with d-limonene, a component that is known for its mood brightening properties.

Lemon essential oil also works well to keep your space refreshed as well as your mind; adding this useful scent to cleaning products creates a gentle and effective way to cleanse the air and surfaces you encounter each day while supporting the positive energy of your home or office.


Here are a few recipes to brighten your day using this powerful trio!


Peppermint relief inhaler:

❄️Simply add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to a cotton wick inhaler to receive peppermint’s healing benefits on the go.



“Lazer-focused” Rosemary inhaler

🌿3 drops Rosemary essential oil


🌿5 drops Frankincense essential oil


🌿2 drops Cedarwood atlas essential oil.



And finally, a few lemon essential oil based cleansing ideas:


🍋Add 2-3 drops to a cotton ball for an easy kitchen cabinet or drawer deodorizer.


🍋Use 40 drops in 8oz of dish soap on cutting boards to naturally bust microbes and remove grease.





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