Three Vacation Oils for Your Next Adventure.

As we move from spring to summer, many exciting events are beginning to take place, the most popular being vacations!


Whether you are traveling solo, or celebrating time off of work or school with loved ones, here are three essential oils that can be factored into your stay to help you get the most out of your experience:


  1. Citronella

Citronella essential oil is an excellent pest repellent, and works really well to keep insects like mosquitoes and biting flies from cutting your time short when having fun outdoors. Due to its ability to help calm inflammation, Citronella also works well for after playtime is over, soothing any sore muscles when applied diluted in a carrier after events like runs and hikes.




  1. Peppermint

It’s no secret that we at Angie’s Organics love this oil, but it’s sweet menthol scent isn’t the only reason we’re obsessed with this gorgeous top note. Peppermint is a wonderful oil for vacations and long trips first because of its ability to defend against nausea. Studies have shown that peppermint essential oil has the ability to decrease feelings of motion sickness, which makes it a useful tool for long car trips, train rides, and other bumpy modes of transport. Along with this secret power comes a benefit we know well, but is equally important: it’s ability to lift spirits and inspire the mind, which could lead to new and exciting ideas for adventures while on holiday.





  1. Sweet orange:

Orange essential oil is amazing for keeping pep in your step when traveling abroad, when layovers and lack of sleep can cause sluggishness and a lack of motivation. Don’t get us wrong; a lazy day away can be a nice change of pace when you’re vacationing in a new area, but having the energy to see the unfamiliar sights can also play a key role in the quality of your stay. High in d-limonene, Sweet orange gives you the invigorating burst of citrus you need to get back on your feet, but also serves as an excellent way to promote good health on your journey; the high amount of the same compound in this oil works wonders when it comes to busting microbes, which can keep you and your travel companions feeling your best.


Wherever and however you decide to spend your vacations, we hope that this blog helps equip you and your loved ones with the aromatherapy tools you need to make your next trip a memorable one!









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