As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed the smell of essential oils. While they weren't a main focus in my day to day, I liked the way they smelled, and I usually added them to the cleaners and other products I used. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and had to get rid of many of the chemical-heavy items I used, that they became such a huge part of my life. After making the switch to more natural products, I noticed me and my family’s quality of life changed for the better, and I was thrilled.

After finding out that I would be having a second child, I began to notice that some of the ways we used the oils in our home made it feel like we were burning through bottles left and right. I decided to educate myself more about the use of oils, and took safety courses for the benefit of my family. Here I became passionate about essential oils and decided to become a certified aromatherapist.

I was enthusiastic about sharing essential oils and the ton of benefits they offer with all of my family and friends, and after doing so, noticed that they were getting really good benefits from making the switch. I wanted to reach out to more people, and decided to found Angie’s Organics so that I could share quality essential oils and help benefit the wellbeing of others.  

Angie’s Organics was founded on the idea of bringing quality oils to others while protecting the earth at the same time. When I started my aromatherapy journey, it was made clear to me that without a healthy place to grow, the plants used to make essential oils would not be able to thrive. I decided that when I started the company, I would make it a goal to make sure I was showing the earth the respect it deserves by selling organic.

As a mom, safety is also a huge factor for me, and by taking this step to maintain the quality of our products, and teaching people how to use them properly, I feel like the impact I'm making will help people experience the positive effects essential oils can have on their lives without risk. I also feel that my choice to go organic is encouraging those around me to teach their children ways to preserve the beautiful world they’ll inherit someday.